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"Sibridge's comprehensive DIP and VIP offerings enabled us to successfully integrate and verify multiple instances of these cores."

Sibridge in News
Sibridge Technologies announces customer adoption of USB 3.1 Verification IP
Sibridge Technologies announces Hardware Diagnostics Tool & Testbench IP
Sibridge Technologies to showcase Internet of Things (IoT) products at VLSI Design Conference
Sibridge Technologies announces Wireless Sensor Network Reference Design
Sibridge Technologies’ USB 3.0 IP solution adopted by Tier-1 companies
What's New
USB 3.0 Host Controller
    • Includes Physical, Link, and Protocol layers
    • Supports Bulk with streaming, Control, INT, Isochronous Endpoints
    • Configurable buffer sizes
    • Configurable USB Specification timeout counters Interface
AXI ACE Verification IP
    • Supports AXI 3.0 & AXI 4.0 2003-2004 specifications
    • Feasibilty Study
    • Support both the device type: Master and/ or Slave
    • Supports the entire channel like: Write, Read and response channel
Embedded IP
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